Teat Prep For Today's & Future Cow Herds

Teat Prep of The Future. Cow Udders Cleaned Quick-Time Every Time

One Step Teat Prep For Today’s & Future Cow Herds

The Northern Dairy Equipment Teat Sanicleans Teat Scrubber is the Future – Cow udders cleaned and sanitised in one visit with our one-step prep system.

This award-winning cow teat scrubber is helping dairy farmers around the world improve the health of their herds, speed up milking times and improve stimulation of the cow. This advanced prep system means no other milking prep routine comes close to delivering the benefits the Air Sanicleanse system can produce. The system ensures the user to carry out the one visit prep, it really is the future. Cow is washed, sanitised, stimulated and dried all in one process meaning only one visit per cow. This, in turn, means time and cost savings can be made.

To achieve maximum benefits from your Teat Sanicleanse system, Northern Dairy Equipment recommends the use of our specifically formulated high-quality sanitiser concentrates.

Teats not correctly prepared can easily allow bacteria to be brought into the system, which may be difficult to control once established. Northern Dairy Equipment is the sole manufacturer of the Sanicleanse sanitiser. The product is uniquely formulated with a range of biocides for use with our unique technology. Our award-winning cow teat washer has been specifically manufactured to work with the Teat Sanicleanse system to achieve the real benefits of the system.

Sanicleanse sanitiser is a complexed disinfectant and high detergent blended product containing special oils to ensure teat condition is maintained and improved further. The product is rapidly effective against a range of potential infections such as:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus uberis
  • Escherichia coli
  • Candida albicans

The Sanicleanse Sanitiser is enriched with skin softening and moisturising emollients to provide a healthy teat skin condition. Oils that are absorbed between milkings are readily replaced by the sanitiser used through the Teat Sanicleanse system.

The unique triple action biocides of cleaning, foaming and sanitizing disinfectants that are contained in the product have been tried and tested in various conditions and have resulted in the combination of a broad spectrum of biocide sanitisers, lactic acid and surfactants, providing a comprehensive bacteria kill.

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