Teat Prep For Today's & Future Cow Herds

Teat Prep of The Future. Cow Udders Cleaned Quick-Time Every Time

One Step Teat Prep For Today’s & Future Cow Herds

The Northern Dairy Equipment Teat Sanicleans Teat Scrubber is the Future – Cow udders cleaned and sanitised in one visit with our one-step prep system.

This award-winning cow teat scrubber is helping dairy farmers around the world improve the health of their herds, speed up milking times and improve stimulation of the cow. This advanced prep system means no other milking prep routine comes close to delivering the benefits the Air Sanicleanse system can produce. The system ensures the user to carry out the one visit prep, it really is the future. Cow is washed, sanitised, stimulated and dried all in one process meaning only one visit per cow. This, in turn, means time and cost savings can be made.

To achieve maximum benefits from your Teat Sanicleanse system, Northern Dairy Equipment recommends the use of our specifically formulated high-quality sanitiser concentrates.

Teats not correctly prepared can easily allow bacteria to be brought into the system, which may be difficult to control once established. Northern Dairy Equipment is the sole manufacturer of the Sanicleanse sanitiser. The product is uniquely formulated with a range of biocides for use with our unique technology. Our award-winning cow teat washer has been specifically manufactured to work with the Teat Sanicleanse system to achieve the real benefits of the system.

Sanicleanse sanitiser is a complexed disinfectant and high detergent blended product containing special oils to ensure teat condition is maintained and improved further. The product is rapidly effective against a range of potential infections such as:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus uberis
  • Escherichia coli
  • Candida albicans

The Sanicleanse Sanitiser is enriched with skin softening and moisturising emollients to provide a healthy teat skin condition. Oils that are absorbed between milkings are readily replaced by the sanitiser used through the Teat Sanicleanse system.

The unique triple action biocides of cleaning, foaming and sanitizing disinfectants that are contained in the product have been tried and tested in various conditions and have resulted in the combination of a broad spectrum of biocide sanitisers, lactic acid and surfactants, providing a comprehensive bacteria kill.

Get in touch today for more information on price, specs and the benefits this system can achieve.

New Dealer Appointed in Latvia!

Northern Dairy Equipment are pleased to announce that we have a new dealer appointed in Latvia – click here to view their website or here to view our Sanicleanse brochure translated into Latvian 

Bath & West Dairy Show – 4th October 2017


This one-day event has become one of the most important dates in the dairy farmer’s calendar, combining a comprehensive trade show with an exhibition of top quality dairy cattle.

The show attracts over 300 trade-stands from businesses both national and international, and with over 300 cattle competing, the UK’s Largest Dairy Show is an essential date in the dairy industry calendar!

Continuing to provide visitors with a complete “one stop shop” event at which to meet the milk buyers, feed suppliers, AI companies and consultants, plus showcasing an extensive display of agricultural machinery and equipment.

The event is also an excellent and profitable networking opportunity, while topical seminars and guest speakers provide plenty of food for thought and discussion throughout the day.

Dairy cattle are at the heart of the show with 300+ entries representing the six main breeds, plus classes for calves and Junior Showmanship to encourage the exhibitors of the future.

The classes reach an exciting climax at the end of the day with each breed champion judged by a panel of five experts who mark the entrants out of ten, with all competitors hoping for the elusive 50 out of 50.

World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo October 3-7th 2017

This 5-day show attracts people from around the world, held in Madison Wisconsin USA it is the show to be at. We will be exhibiting in the main Dairy Center alongside our distributors, Recon Technologies based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Recon manufacture the ECA system that is used through our teat scrubbers. Come see our working exhibition and have a go with the teat scrubbers to see how you like them.


World Dairy Expo is where the dairy industry meets.  No other dairy event in the world compares. Designed for dairy producers and industry partners World Dairy Expo is a showcase for elite dairy cattle, cutting edge research and modern technologies.

Agriscot 15th November 2017


The UK’s No 1 Farm Business Event.

AgriScot, now widely regarded as one of the premier events in UK agriculture, continues to develop its appeal to all sectors of the industry…both to the trade and to a wide cross section of farmers eager to seek out the products, services, advice and information necessary for their farming businesses.

Those seeking answers to the myriad of questions on their own circumstances will find them at The Farm Business Event where the best commercial and technical advice is on offer.

The Lowland Hall is the Country’s largest winter display of machinery where visitors will be able to view the latest developments in farm hardware and technology…from the latest tractors to equipment for both arable and livestock farms.  AgriScot now encompasses four exhibition Halls including the most recent addition; The Upland Hall, which helps to offer visitors an even greater range of products and services.

Dairytech 7th February 2018

Dairytech 7th February 2018

Formerly Livestock event which was held at the NEC Birmingham, this brand new show returns back to its origins at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry.

Dairy-Tech is tailored for the new generation of dairy farmer, manager and technician: showcasing ground-breaking technology, inspiring uptake of the latest science- and field-based skills, introducing a fresh range of innovative products and services, and pioneering new global concepts in management efficiency.

World Ag Expo

World Ag Expo 13-15th February  2018

International Agri-Center
4500 South Laspina Street 
Tulare, CA 93274

World Ag Expo is the world’s largest annual agricultural exposition.  More than 1,500 exhibitors display the latest in farm equipment, communications and technology on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space.  Free seminars focus on a variety of topics important to dairy producers, farmers, ranchers and agribusiness professionals. World Ag Expo is a can’t miss show for anyone in ag.

Hoekema Milking Systems

Check out the signage on our German Distributor

Hoekema Milking Systems GmbH based in Eastern Germany has completed many installs on farms ranging from 100 cows to 4000 cows. Thanks to Koos Hoekema for adding our branded livery to his work vehicles, looking great!

Reducing Mastitis in Dairy Cattle – Mastitis Treatment & Control

Reducing Mastitis in Dairy Cattle

Reducing Mastitis in Dairy Cattle

Reducing mastitis in dairy cattle can be an expensive and lengthy battle in terms of treatment and control. Mastitis can usually be identified by several abnormalities in the udder, these can range from or include swelling, heat, redness or hardness. Other signs of mastitis may be visible in the cow’s milk such as a thin watery appearance, flakes or lumps. When a cow is infected with sub-clinical mastitis, it does not show any visible signs of infection or abnormalities making the job of catching the infection early even harder.

Mastitis Infection can be caused by several factors, such as –

  • Thermal/mechanical or chemical injury from milking equipment.
  • Poor bedding hygiene – Dirty bedding can lead to cross-contamination between cattle. The use of sand/grit bedding can block teat ducts causing irritation and thus leads to infection.
  • Poor dairy hygiene leading to transmission during milking through the equipment or operator’s hands.

Mastitis infection can be treated with a course of long-acting antibiotics, which generally are not cheap, and when you have multiple infections to treat, the costs can soon stack up. And if that’s not bad enough, any milk collected from the infected cows cannot be sold until all traces of the antibiotics have left the cows system.

Mastitis Treatment & Control

There are many ways you can help defend against this costly infection, some of the basic traditional methods are listed below.

  • Culling chronically infected cattle
  • Correct dairy cattle nutrition, for a healthy immune system
  • Good housing management
  • Good teat prep pre/post-milkingMastitis Treatment & Control

Introducing The Teat Sanicleanse and Air Sanicleanse Systems. Eliminate alternative pre-milking preps where costs are involved in paper towels, medicated wipes, laundry towels etc. The Sanicleanse systems give you improved results from the start and lead to a higher quality of milk being produced along with lower vet bills.

Chemical usage is low as the teat scrubber only requires minimal amounts to complete its routine.