Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a particular query thats not listed below, please feel free to contact us for more information

Can I replace labour?2019-09-26T09:27:11+01:00

Yes… in many cases it will replace or redistribute staff from the mundane task of teat spraying.

Can I use any brand of chemical?2019-09-26T09:26:02+01:00

Yes… it will work with most common teat sprays.

Is my Teatwand easy to maintain?2019-09-26T09:29:55+01:00

Yes… minimal parts and inexpensive service kits make it simple and inexpensive to maintain.

Can my Teatwand be retrofitted?2019-09-26T09:29:57+01:00

Yes… it can be retrofitted and adapted to all types of rotary parlours.

Is my Teatwand easy to install?2019-09-26T09:30:02+01:00

Yes… installation usually takes 2-3 days.

How long does the tank last?2019-09-25T15:43:57+01:00

The tank is 25 litres and will last approximately 150 cows. The tank requires manual refilling and mixing of the hot water and quick kill disinfectant


How long does the charge last?2019-09-25T15:43:34+01:00

The battery charge lasts up to 10 hours. The Mobile Unit comes with a fast charger that can recharge in 4 hours.

Whats the difference between the cart and an installed system?2019-09-25T15:43:04+01:00

Being battery operated you only have the option for our electric system – Teat Sanicleanse. It does not have AirPrep (air drying) capability.

How do I train employees to use system?2019-09-25T15:41:04+01:00

A full training procedure will be carried out once system is installed and ready to use. The system is very easy to maintain and is a lot easier to train new employees to use the scrubbers than alternative prep routines.

Where can the system be installed?2019-09-25T15:40:35+01:00

The control unit and dosing system for the disinfectant can be located out of the parlour id a chemical room, dairy room and additional rooms surrounding the parlour. In the parlour the system is either installed on an overhead pulley line from front to back of parlour or as a drag hose system type where one hand unit hangs from centre and is custom made to suit parlour length.

How much is the system?2019-09-25T15:40:13+01:00

The cost varies depending on what you as the farmer requires in terms of management of the system and also on the configuration of the parlour. The general rule applies that one scrubber is required every 10 milking points. In swing over parlours we can install a drag hose system type where only one hand unit is required up to 25 units.

How will this clean the teat ends better?2019-09-25T15:39:33+01:00

The top two brushes counter rotate cleaning the external surfaces of the teat while the third larger brush located underneath the top brushes gently cleans the teat end. Varying teat lengths are accommodated by this larger brush.

How will the teat scrubber help with my SCC, Bactoscan and Mastitis levels?2019-09-25T15:39:05+01:00

Introducing a better milk prep routine that is consistent and especially improves the cleanliness of the teat end combined with the quick kill disinfectant mix kills most mastitis causing pathogens and bacteria on the teats.

Why use hot water, what’s wrong with cold?2019-09-25T15:38:43+01:00

Hot water provides a comfortable massaging effect on the cow and helps improve stimulation even more – cold water is not nice for the cows and in colder months can cause them to jump and kick.

What initial benefits will I see from the scrubber from day of installation?2019-09-25T15:37:56+01:00

The scrubber dramatically improves stimulation of the teat using our unique hot water mix you can ensure cow comfort is achieved and let down is increased. Cleaner teats also and each milking cows will start to enter the parlour cleaner.

What maintenance is required on the unit?2019-09-25T15:37:05+01:00

The teat scrubber is designed to last over 1 million dairy cows before gears and bearings are required to be replaced. We do not ask for replacing hand unit which are expensive – we only supply singular parts as and when required.


Is the hand unit heavy?2019-10-07T09:33:57+01:00

Our Sanicleanse teat scrubbers are proven to be the lightest unit on the market. Our designs are ergonomic and our narrow hand grip enables easy and comfortable use of the scrubber. The scrubber is light and can be used by any age of person.


How quick is it to change brushes?2019-09-25T15:35:47+01:00

The black end housing unclips by hand and the brushes are threaded so no tools are required and a brush exchange can be carried out in as little as 60 seconds.

How long do the brushes last?2019-09-25T15:35:57+01:00

Brushes can last up to 25,000 cows on soft beddings – on sand up to 20,000 cows.