Hoekema Milking Systems

Check out the signage on our German Distributor

Hoekema Milking Systems GmbH based in Eastern Germany has completed many installs on farms ranging from 100 cows to 4000 cows. Thanks to Koos Hoekema for adding our branded livery to his work vehicles, looking great!

Mastitis Treatment & Control – Reducing Mastitis in Dairy Cattle

How you can treat and prevent dairy cow mastitis

the Treatment and reduction of Mastitis in Dairy Cattle

Treating mastitis in dairy cattle can be an expensive and lengthy battle in terms of treatment and control. Mastitis can usually be identified by several abnormalities in the udder, these can range from or include swelling, heat, redness or hardness. Other signs of mastitis may be visible in the cow’s milk such as a thin watery appearance, flakes or lumps. When a cow is infected with sub-clinical mastitis, it does not show any visible signs of infection or abnormalities making the job of catching the infection early even harder.

Mastitis Infection can be caused by several factors, such as –

  • Thermal/mechanical or chemical injury from milking equipment.
  • Poor bedding hygiene – Dirty bedding can lead to cross-contamination between cattle. The use of sand/grit bedding can block teat ducts causing irritation and thus leads to infection.
  • Poor dairy hygiene leading to transmission during milking through the equipment or operator’s hands.

Mastitis infection can be treated with a course of long-acting antibiotics, which generally are not cheap, and when you have multiple infections to treat, the costs can soon stack up. And if that’s not bad enough, any milk collected from the infected cows cannot be sold until all traces of the antibiotics have left the cows system.

Whats Available for Mastitis Treatment & Control?

There are many ways you can help defend against this costly infection, some of the basic traditional methods are listed below.

  • Culling chronically infected cattle
  • Correct dairy cattle nutrition, for a healthy immune system
  • Good housing management
  • Good teat prep pre/post-milkingMastitis Treatment & Control

Introducing The Teat Sanicleanse and Air Sanicleanse Systems. Eliminate alternative pre-milking preps where costs are involved in paper towels, medicated wipes, laundry towels etc. The Sanicleanse systems give you improved results from the start and lead to a higher quality of milk being produced along with lower vet bills.

Chemical usage is low as the teat scrubber only requires minimal amounts to complete its routine.


The Bath & West Dairy Show – 4/09/2017

Come and see a working demonstration, we will be attending the annual Bath and West Dairy Show – Full details below.

4th October 2017

This one-day event has become one of the most important dates in the dairy farmer’s calendar, combining a comprehensive trade show with an exhibition of top quality dairy cattle.

The show attracts over 300 trade-stands from across the country and beyond and with over 250 cattle this show is the place to be seen and visit.

The show as ever continues to provide the dairy farmer or farm manager with a complete “one stop shop” event at which to meet the milk buyers, feed suppliers, AI companies and consultants, plus it showcases an extensive display of agricultural machinery and equipment.Many of the farmers and businesses also hail the event as an excellent and profitable networking opportunity. Throughout the day the theatre also hosts an array of topical seminars.

Dairy cattle are at the heart of the show with 300 entries covering the six main breeds, plus classes for calves and Junior Showmanship classes to encourage the exhibitors of the future. The classes reach an exciting climax at the end of the day with each breed champion judged by a panel of five experts who mark the entrants out of ten, with all competitors hoping for the elusive 50 out of 50.

The Dairy Show is registered with Dairy Pro.

Current members and those who join at the event will get their attendance registered on their personal development record and receive 2 Dairy Pro points.

Welsh Dairy Show – 24/09/2017

Come and see a working demonstration, we will be attending the annual Welsh Dairy Show – Full details below.

On: 24th October 2017

One day event showcasing dairy animals from across Wales and the borders. In its 29th year, the show features small and large businesses promoting all aspects of the Welsh dairy industry.

Tickets available at the gate.

Standard tickets: £12

Under 15s: Free

UK Dairy Day – 13/09/2017

Come and see a working demonstration, we will be attending the annual UK Dairy Day – Full details below.

13th October 2017

UK Dairy Day is a dedicated annual one-day event for the dairy industry held at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire at a key time of the year when plans and decisions are being made for the winter. The 4th event will be held on Wednesday 13th September 2017 from 8.00am to 5.30pm focused on the theme of ‘Sharing Knowledge’.

The event is free to attend, with no pre-registration required and car parking is free. The event features over 300 trade stands located throughout the internal halls and exhibition area along with external trade stands. A ‘Sharing Knowledge’ zone will be located on the first floor with seminars throughout the day covering relevant topics related to the cow, team and farm. Externally there will be demonstrations on foot trimming, knife sharpening, dairy cow anatomy and other cow health related subjects. The event features a cattle show for dairy breeds and this year will host The National Ayrshire Show and The National Holstein Show.

  • FREE entry for all visitors and exhibitors
  • FREE car parking on site and in town centre multi-storey
  • UK, European & International businesses
  • Over 300 trade stands covering four areas
  • UK Dairy Day cattle show including The National Holstein Show and The National Ayrshire Show
  • Coloured cattle classes for Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey and Dairy Shorthorn
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Sharing Knowledge zone featuring seminars to educate, engage and inspire farmers
  • Practical foot trimming and knife sharpening demonstrations
  • ‘Beneath the Black-and-White’ cow painting demonstration
  • New product competition and display area
  • Wide selection of accommodation either in the town centre or within walking distance of the International Centre
  • Press Office with local, national and international media
  • Costa coffee, large catering area and bar
  • Great transport links with Telford Railway Station, M54 and direct trains to Birmingham Airport
  • Champions Dinner and Awards